Folkestone Bootcamps

Folkestone Bootcamps

Welcome to Folkestone Boot Camps, The most effective fat loss programme in town. The programme is designed to get you in the best shape of your life, burn fat and keep it off for good! That’s guaranteed or you get your money back!

All sessions now at The Bandstand, The Leas,

If you want the best and you want to be in the best shape you can be, safely then you need to join me – Andy King and my fitness friends for a workout like no other!

Every week you and I will be working out together to achieve your fat loss goals, each session lasts 45  minutes and its packed full of muscle building and fat burning exercises that will make you feel like a new you!

It’s aimed at blasting that fat from your body in super quick time, in fact if you don’t lose fat and feel 100% better after 28 days I will give you your money back*

If you want a high octane explosive class that keeps the heart pumping and the lungs bursting for air and a passionate boot camp trainer that is going to push you beyond your normal limits to get the best out of you! welcome to Folkestone bootcamp!

When: We meet at The Bandstand, on The Leas, Folkestone every week, Tuesdays & Thursdays 1800, Wednesdays & Fridays at 0915, & Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 0530/0615.

Please Call First. Or apply here;

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Have you tried the gym and have not seen any results or you overtrained and couldn’t walk the next day! Have you been yo yo dieting all your..

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Ladies Body Transformation Programme M/W/F 0530

Early Morning Ladies only programme

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ladies 0530 bootcamp

This week 3 new ladies have joined my “ladies only Bootcamp at 0530, they heard about Lucy who lost weight in 30 days, Alison lost lbs, Joanne..

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Folkestone Boot camps

Burn over 1000 calories during and after burn at each Bootcamp!

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Folkestone Boot camps

I’m only training people who are ready to get amazing results, are you ready for change?

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